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The strength of Red Anvil Productions is that we film from a personal perspective.
With storytelling and powerful imagery, the viewer gets to see a beautiful story, that creates a long-lasting effect.
We work for a wide range of clients promoting sustainability in its various forms.
From fashion, to health or arts, we produce commercials, documentaries or social media content, both film and photo, to help people communicating their vision

Red Anvil Productions is a collective as well as a heart project.

To get to know us better we want to take you to our journey on how it all started :)

During a video shooting for a luxury shopping mall in Munich,
Lara a former Model
met the video and filmmaker Danial Shekar

now her fiancé. <3

From the first moment, they shared the same values,
while studying different fields.

Lara is a German teacher and Public Health student. 
Due to being a model, she has managed herself since her 16s. 

Danial is totally the opposite, he did not take the academic route but instead taught himself everything on his own. After being a video producer for 3 years, he realized he wanted to take on a greater challenge and tell stories.


his first documentary: Why can´t the devil be beautiful?
Along with more ideas and scripts for future movies


To produce even bigger projects both of them had the idea of combining their knowledge and expert fields into one heart project


We put together a collective of artists, with the same goals and positive attitudes.
Here we can share our creative input and create not merely trendy videos,
short films and photos, that last and tell stories, instead.

That’s why our motto is Eternal Creations. 

We hope that Red Anvil Productions
will become your Contact,
whether you work in the teaching, health, music, fashion, film or photo sector.  
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